Equilibrium Perspectives and Equilibrium Perspectives Paradox for Organizational Excellence

The idea of equilibrium is fundamental to many fields such as physics, economics and business. At its core, equilibrium is the state of balance that occurs when opposing forces are equal. Equilibrium Perspectives are ways of viewing the world that prioritize balance and harmony. However, the concept of equilibrium is also paradoxical, as equilibrium can only be achieved in the presence of opposing forces.

In this article, we will explore Equilibrium Perspectives and the Equilibrium Perspectives Paradox in the pursuit of organizational excellence.

Excellence for the wrong reasons- Lessons Learned EFA case study

Nancy Nouaimeh has authored this insightful blog about implementing an excellence model. She shares important lessons learned when working with an organization where the leadership focus was on ‘winning an award’. The article shares the challenges faced and steps taken to steer the organization in a fruitful direction.

COVID 19 – A Call on Excellence

This guest blog is authored by Trevor Shaw CPA, CA, CMC, CQA. A distinguished professional with 40 years of experience auditing government programs in Canada, he shares some valuable insights about the Covid 19 pandemic. Trevor says “C-19 is putting excellence to the test. It is teaching social commitment matters most and the bottom line is not everything”. 


This blog aims to answer seven questions about trust. It starts with a definition of trust and explores how to build, reinforce and measure it and then concludes with a team exercise that can be used with virtual workers.


This blog speaks to the tremendous opportunity at hand to educate the working population about the positive relationship that exists between implementing an excellence model and improving organizational performance. In doing so, it examines the current state and desired future state of the excellence community and the working population with respect to excellence models. And it poses the question – Do We Have The Will?


Wayne Burroughs has authored this blog to share how important it is to connect organizational excellence and ROI. He speaks to the value of undertaking an organizational improvement program and provides some sage advice about how leaders can capture and work with employees to drive business results.