These resources and partners add value for our licensed professionals and client organizations.

OES has an open LinkedIn site that shares valuable research, announcements and news on the topic of organizational excellence.

OES has a LinkedIn business page that shares details about the company, relevant announcements and encourages both professionals and organizations to embrace excellence.

GBN is a global network of organizations and experts focused on promoting and facilitating the use of benchmarking and sharing of best practices. Benchmarking, learning from the experience of others, is a powerful method for breakthrough thinking, innovation, improvement and for delivering exceptional bottom-line results. It is one of the most popular and effective tools used for organizational success. Canada is represented by the Principal of Organizational Excellence Specialists, Dawn Ringrose.

BPIR is a leading internet-based benchmarking and best practice information and networking service for improvement-focused individuals and organizations. The BPIR contains 1,000’s of benchmarks, performance measures, best practice case studies, and provides over a 1,000,000 articles on the theme of performance improvement across all functional areas, industries and covering most countries. Members communicate with each other on-line, share benchmarks and best practices, participate in discussion forums and develop new business opportunities.

Flevy is an online marketplace for premium business documents. OEF ‘white label’ workshop materials are available for seasoned quality professionals and management consultants at this link . These workshops used in combination with the OEF publication and automated assessment and reporting tool are a valuable resource for professionals taking a holistic approach with an excellence model or a modular approach with a key management area(s). Professionals interested in becoming licensed to deliver programs for Organizational Excellence Specialists are invited to contact us regarding the Train-the-Trainer program.

Organizational Excellence Technical Committee, American Society of Quality (OETC) supports and promotes the use of international excellence models to help all organizations attain higher levels of performance. Goals of this global committee are to: promote the use of international, national and local excellence programs, contribute to a body of knowledge about excellence models, share case studies and success stories about performance excellence, explain how traditional quality methods and tools integrate with excellence models, and facilitate opportunities for people and organizations to connect, share, grow and learn from each other. Dawn Ringrose, Principal of Organizational Excellence Specialists, represents Canada on the OETC and serves as a Member Leader for the Content Management Committee for Leadership at QMD ASQ.

SimplifyISO is dedicated to making ISO registration painless and possible. Services include training, auditing and managing documents and educating via a free webinar series. Affiliated with the company is the new International Management System Institute that provides certification for professionals that wish to work in the ISO field.

Complete Learning Solutions is located in New Zealand and is devoted to helping organizations maximize their return on investment in organizational learning and development by providing effective learning solutions. The company provides consulting services in organizational development, learning and development, measurement and evaluation, and instructional design. As a partner with the ROI Institute®, the company has particular strength in measuring the impact of organizational improvement initiatives.

QLBS partners with Organizational Excellence Specialists to provide a technological platform that assists with auditing to ISO Standards. The platform can be used during on-site or virtual audits.

TOPPI TI provides business intelligence tools that allow performance oriented organizations to monitor and improve performance. Based on the core principles of Lean and Six Sigma, the tools help to engage employees in problem solving, measure performance in real time and develop a feedback-oriented work culture. This way of working makes a positive contribution to communication, accountability, productivity and innovation. TOPP TI is supported by a seasoned team of professionals equipped to provide support to organizations embracing digital transformation.

CMC-Canada, the author and many of the contributors to the Organizational Excellence Framework publication have a CMC designation and belong to a global network of institutes. These professionals follow a rigorous consulting process, adhere to the Uniform Code of Professional Conduct and bring special expertise with regards to implementing best management practices and aligning the strategic direction of an organization with the pursuit of excellence.

MacKay CEO Forums has a vision to populate the world with better leaders. Toward this end, the forum accelerates performance through high impact and time efficient peer group sessions for CEOs, executives and business owners and hosts the Edge Program that includes breakfasts and summits. Dawn Ringrose, Principal of Organizational Excellence Specialists, has been selected as a Speaker for the forum.