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Global Assessment on the Current State of Organizational Excellence


On March 31, 2015, the Organizational Excellence Technical Committee QMD, ASQ (OETC) launched the ‘first global assessment on the current state of organizational excellence. This research was supported by the Global Benchmarking Network, International Academy for Quality and ISO Technical Committee 176. The project was intended to provide data on the extent to which organizations are characterized by the principles and the best management practices of high performing organizations that are found in excellence models (e.g. EFQM, Baldrige, Canadian Framework for Excellence, Australian Business Excellence Framework).

Over 25 years of global research has validated the positive relationship between implementing an excellence model and developing a culture committed to excellence and improving organizational performance. Much of this research has focused on the organizations that have successfully applied an excellence model. This particular research project has been  more robust in that it gathered data from a more varied population:

  • Leadership and management personnel (up to two people per organization)
  • Different size organizations (micro, small, medium, large)
  • Different types of organizations (government, business, non-profit)
  • 218 countries or 7 regions (World Bank Analytical Grouping)
  • 21 industry sectors (International Standard Industrial Classification)
  • Organizations with and without awareness of excellence models

With 1,963 respondents, the aggregate findings have now provided a snapshot on the current state of organizational excellence around the world by organization role, size, industry sector, and region.

View the 2019 Global Research Report here!

View the 2021 Global Research Report here!


This study will be continued with the intention of delivering an annual Global OE Index that will provide value for the excellence community in general and for the working population at large:

      • Sharing aggregate results on the OETC Linkedin site
      • Encouraging organizations to compare their performance with others and consider applying for prestigious awards
      • Envisioning that organizations improving their performance will make a positive contribution to a local economy, trade and resident quality of life
      • Enabling all countries to participate, in a more competitive and sustainable way in the global economy
      • Making the world a better place for future generations

Assessment Tool

To provide consistency, the same assessment tool will be used. The tool is based on the Organizational Excellence Framework publication (© Dawn Ringrose & Associates Inc, 2010). The publication ‘integrates the leading global excellence models’ that define the principles and best management practices of high performing organizations and is unique in that it ‘provides implementation guidelines’ for the user. The publication is available for download at no charge at and a high level version of the assessment tool is found in Appendix 3 of the publication.

The assessment tool resides on the SurveyMonkey platform and there are three assessments for respondents to choose from:

The Assessment tool is available in four other languages besides English. Please click here for the language options.

It is important to note:

      • Respondents completing the Full Assessment can use Appendix 3 of the publication to keep track of their ratings so they can compare with the aggregate data
      • Respondents are welcome to order their own  customized action-oriented improvement plan at any time
      • Individual organization data will continue to be held in strict confidence and only aggregate data will be reported
      • Respondents can enter to win a prize that includes a complimentary feedback session on their assessment results with one of our licensed professionals

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