What professionals are saying:

 “I can apply the material to an assignment right now” - Jon Pascoe, CHE, CHRP, FCMC

“I believe the Framework will become a "go to" tool for many CMC members” - Megan McDougald, CMC

 “This Framework provides me with a solid and comprehensive benchmark against which to gauge the activities I perform. It gives me tools that I need to both improve the value I provide to clients, as well as a means of demonstrating and communicating a true value proposition. It also helps me optimize the performance of my own company so that I achieve the level of excellence myself that I am working to support with my clients” - Patty Walker, CMA, CMC

“The Framework will be useful to all practitioners if it is a living, breathing, and constantly updated around best practices in quality management field.  CMCs may use the Framework as a fundamental resource tool” - Rick McDonald, CMC

"The Project Management Office (PMO) is an organizational unit created to improve quality, reduce time and improve cost efficiency through achieving organizational objectives, improving performance, mitigating risks and managing cost. Driving the PMO is the need for organizational excellence using value added techniques and advanced management processes and procedures. Using the Organizational Excellence Framework one can ensure all the required elements for creating a PMO are covered“ - Richard Knutton P. Eng., AVS

 “I'm now using the Organizational Excellence Framework in my consulting practice with clients seeking improved performance as they move to world-class operations. The workshop provided me with the necessary materials and understanding to deliver these services. It was definitely a good investment of time and money." - Jeff Pallister, CMC

Brilliant work. I see collaborative efforts and a community arising from this.” - Barbara Semeniuk, CSP

“Excellent content and concept – solid framework that is inspiring and thought-provoking.” - Nick Scott, CMC

“Complements my field of practice very nicely.” - Martyn Phillips, PEng

“I especially like the well-organized and cross-referenced layout of the principles, practices and implementation guidelines.” - Tracey Polowich, CMA

“Thank you for a well-paced and informative session, I look forward to helping businesses create a path forward on their excellence journey.” - Katherine Sharp, Six Sigma Black Belt


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