Value Proposition

Our programs are designed to ensure organizations have a disciplined focus using best management practices so they build capacity and achieve exceptional results.

Easy as 1-2-3. Most of our programs follow a process that includes assessment, improvement planning, and implementation. The ‘assessment’ gauges the extent to which an organization is characterized by a culture committed to excellence and has deployed  best management practices. Building on the strengths of the organization, the ‘improvement plan’ provides an action-oriented plan to address opportunities for improvement. ‘Implementation’ is accomplished over a timeline that is suitable for the organization and uses resources within or outside the organization as desired.

There is value for:

  • Consultants - that want a professional and cost effective set of programs and services for their clients, an opportunity to leverage resources and a chance to work collaboratively with like-minded professionals, to earn recognition through a rigorous licensing program with the ROES or COES designation.
  • Organizations - that want to build capacity, focus on strategic and operational priorities and achieve measurable results.
  • Nations - that want to build capacity of government, business and non-profit organizations that will contribute to the economy, trade and resident quality of life.
  • Investors - that want a good return on their investment as organizations that have successfully implemented excellence models show leadership in their sector across a balanced set of performance measures.
  • Excellence Community - that wish to collaborate: raise awareness,transfer knowledge, encourage application, recognize success.
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