Value Proposition

Our programs are designed to ensure organizations have a disciplined focus using best management practices so they build capacity and achieve exceptional results.

Easy as 1-2-3. Most of our programs follow a process that includes assessment, improvement planning, and implementation. The ‘assessment’ gauges the extent to which an organization is characterized by a culture committed to excellence and has deployed  best management practices. Building on the strengths of the organization, the ‘improvement plan’ provides an action-oriented plan to address opportunities for improvement. ‘Implementation’ is accomplished over a timeline that is suitable for the organization and uses resources within or outside the organization as desired.

Value for consultants –OES provides a licensing program and toolkit for seasoned professionals that can be used to build awareness, attract business, conduct assessments, deliver training programs, and provide consulting services to client organizations.

Value for the organization – the OEF provides a validation point for the organization. It illustrates the organizations current state and desired future state and encourages leaders and employees to see the organization as a system of interrelated and interconnected processes that must align with the mission and vision of the organization.

Value from recognition - the OEF is based on global excellence models that are used in many countries. These countries have award programs that recognize successful implementation of the model and continuous improvement. Award recipients are acknowledged to be employers of choice and preferred suppliers.

Value for investors – the evidence is clear. Organizations that have achieved national recognition using global excellence models report a balanced system of performance measures that lead their specific sector.