Vaithiyanathan Balan

Vaithiyanathan (Nathan) Balan is a ROES with Organizational Excellence Specialists. He is a quality management professional that has also earned a Master’s degree in Quality Management and certification as a Certified Manager of Quality for Organizational Excellence (ASQ) and Principal Auditor in QMS (CQI IRCA).

Nathan currently works with Petroleum Development Oman Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, as a quality engineer. He offers experience dating back to 2003 that includes work with construction, third party inspection, engineering and oil and gas exploration.

His area of expertise is project quality management, particularly the concept- define-execute phases, with a special focus on engineering, supply chain and construction quality. Nathan’s skill set also includes continual improvement of the quality management system, use of lean six sigma methodologies and implementation of process safety management in engineering, procurement and construction projects.



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