Solomon Zakayo

Solomon Zakayo is a ROES with Organizational Excellence Specialists and has participated as a member of the research team on the Global OE Index. He earned a Master of Business Administration (Executive), with specialization in corporate governance and business leadership from The Open University of Tanzania.

In addition to offering consulting and training services since 2015, Solomon has been the Founder of Free Mind Foundation, served as an Advisory Committee member with the Tanzania Private Schools Teacher’s Union and served as a Member of the Tanzania Youth Chamber of Commerce and Africans Potential’s Edge.

He has also worked on a contractual basis with a number of reputable research agencies such as DAIMA Associates, REPOA and ESRF where he has gained extensive experience in socio-economic, policy, market and governance studies and worked with other agencies such as SADC, EAC and the UN on studies related to poverty alleviation, human relations and rights and community driven development.

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