Sabina Posadziejewski

Sabina Posadziejewski is a COES with Organizational Excellence Specialists.  She is a seasoned, senior executive with experience in both the public (Federal and Provincial) and private sectors.  Sabina has demonstrated her ability to focus on corporate strategies while adapting to changing external factors such as people, regulation, legislation, and technology. Through her experience, Sabina has demonstrated the use of sustainable strategies to achieve organizational missions while maintaining organizational structures to deploy resources for successful completion of strategies. She has been recognized for her expertise in information management and technology, international management, governance, and as an expert in multiple regulatory environments.

Sabina holds an MBA and B.Sc. in Computer Science, along with the Canadian Information Systems Professional designation.  She also maintains the ISACA-Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT, BRMI- Business Relationship Management Professional, and PROSCI change management credentials.  She is passionate about delivering Service through Organizational Excellence powered by the “whole” human.


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