Nancy Nouaimeh

There is no better way to understand the importance of “Culture” in the corporate and social world than having lived and worked in different cultures. An exposure that gave Nancy Nouaimeh a high ability to adapt to new contexts and emerging requirements  With a Passion for Excellence, it is her mission to work on improving behaviors and culture within organizations to achieve higher maturity levels in Excellence.

As a COES with Organizational Excellence Specialists, Nancy strives to spread the word around the OEF model and the importance of the Global OE Index for organizations and countries to measure up and improve.  She is a self-driven, result-oriented, organizational excellence, quality & safety professional. Building on experience since 2002,  her efficient leadership and coaching style and creative approach to knowledge transfer have enabled continuous improvement projects that support the delivery of strategic and operational objectives, service enhancements and  building capability across people, processes and systems.



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