Mohammad Hossein Zavvar Sabegh

Mohammad is a Registered Organizational Excellence Specialist and a member of the Core Research Team participating on the ‘first global assessment on the current state of organizational excellence’ that was launched by the OETC and has been supported by the GBN, ISO/TC 176 and International Academy for Quality.

He has a M.Sc degree and graduated in Industrial Engineering. Mohammad's research interests include: statistical quality control, excellence models, mathematical modeling, optimization, supply chain management, artificial intelligence, operational research, system analysis, forecasting methods and data mining. He has published many papers and a book-chapter in Springer, Taylor and Francis and other well-known publications.

Currently, Mohammad serves as a Member Leader of the Editorial Review Board for the Quality Management Forum published by ASQ and volunteers as a member of the Scientific Committee for the International Conference on Quality Engineering Management (ICQEM 2020) that will take place in Braga, Portugal.