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OEF 1000 – Organizational Excellence Framework (EMEA-CEST)

Online Event

Learn how to achieve high performance in your organization!Every management professional should know about the best management practices common to high performing organizations. These practices contribute to developing a culture committed to excellence and achieving exceptional results. Knowledge about these practices will help management engage and work with the C-Suite to improve organizational performance.Results achieved […]

Excellence Circle – Discussion and Q&A (MST)

The Excellence Circle - Discussion and Q & A is designed to encourage discussion among participants from various organizations aimed at achieving more effectiveness and efficiency in the organization, making work easier, smarter and faster. Facilitated by a Certified Organizational Excellence Specialist, participants will be asked, prior to the session, to identify and submit a […]


OEF 1009 – Continuous Improvement and Performance (MST)

OEF 1009 – Continuous Improvement and Performance focuses on evaluating and improving the approach to each management area, measuring performance in each management area, and measuring overall organizational performance. Learn more and register at Eventbrite $100

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