Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson is a ROES with Organizational Excellence Specialists. He has earned a Masters of Business Administration and Certified Management Consultant designation and has helped organizations become better performers since 1986.

He has advised senior management in the private and public sectors in quality systems, strategy, business systems, and performance improvement. He works with people at all levels of the organization to help meet the challenge of continuous improvement and change management. Based in Canada, Eric has brought his unique perspective and fresh approach in providing management consultancy services in the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Eric achieved his MBA from Royal Roads University in Canada in 2006, with a specialization in management consulting. He is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) – the globally recognized credential that benchmarks his professional experience, integrity, and conduct in the industry. He attained a DMC from the Graduate School of Business, Grenoble, France. As well as his consulting practice, he teaches Management Consulting to MBA students at Royal Roads University, and at the University of Victoria, Canada

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