Adeshola Kukoyi

Adeshola Kukoyi has earned the ROES designation and is a business sustainability advocate, learning and development practitioner and futurist. He offers consulting, innovation, research and community development services and serves as the Senior Coordinator, Central Industrial Liaison and Placement Unit at the University of Lagos in Nigeria.

Adeshola is also the Founder of Sun and Green International and Equilibrium Perspectives and serves as a Coordinator with the QOR Newsletter. He has pursued a unique, multidisciplinary-oriented and dynamic career driven by passion for quality, innovation and sustainability in all spheres of life. His education includes a Bachelor and Master degree in Biochemistry and a Master degree of Public and International Affairs.

As a quality stakeholder, Adeshola has worked since 2007 implementing the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme at the University of Lagos. He is also a Member with the Nigerian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, an Associate with the Nigeria Institute of Training and Development, an Editorial Team Member with the Independent Journal of Management and Production and a Google Scholar and Author of Economic Impacts of Natural Polymers, Natural Polymers: Industry Techniques and Applications, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland (2015).