Margot Barrow

Margot M. Barrow is a member of the research team at OES participating on the ‘first global assessment on the current state of organizational excellence’ that was launched by the OETC and has been supported by the GBN, ISO/TC 176 and International Academy for Quality. She is a Certified Management Consultant based in Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados and serves on the Board of the Trinidad & Tobago Chapter and the Audit Committee of the Caribbean Institute for Certified Management Consultants.

Specializing as a strategist in SME/NGO/Entrepreneurial Business Development and Transformational Leadership, Margot has a synergistic blend of experience in the instructional technology and performance engineering field. Over the past 25 years, she has worked with clients in diverse industries in Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean and internationally.

Margot is committed to the provision of innovatively interactive facilitation and learning environments within which individuals with different abilities, talents and needs can succeed. An approach, which she firmly believes, will enable not only a better understanding of logistics but also the enhancement of performance improvement issues directly related to success and the transformational leadership process.