Dalilis Escobar Rivera

Dalilis Escobar Rivera is is a member of the research team at OES participating on the ‘first global assessment on the current state of organizational excellence’ that has been endorsed by the OETC, GBN and ISO/TC 176. She is currently a Professor at the Department of Organization, Management and Product Design at the University of Girona, a member of the Group of Research in Process Engineering, Product and Production and a PhD student in the program of Law, Economics and Business. As a Computer Engineer, she graduated from the University of Holguin, Cuba in 2012 and then completed a Master in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science for Administration in 2015.  Dalilis is currently working on her doctoral thesis in the field of organizational excellence, specifically in the area of customer delight. Dalilis has participated in conferences and published articles on quality, integration of management systems and integrated auditing.